Not All Platforms Are Created Equal

Direct access to multiple service offerings in one platform

  • Guided apartment/area/school tours available
  • Book flights, hotel stay and car rental

Experience enhanced functionality

  • Automatic reminders for move-in and move-out, options deadline and notice to vacate, etc
  • Built-in time zone variances
  • Built-in custom reporting
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Crisp clean client-facing options and the ability to customize by priority

Access to wide range of options from an extensive global supply chain

  • Provider network is vetted based on service quality and consistent customer satisfaction
  • Providers are not charged additional fees to participate or for additional exposure. NO “pay to play” structure

API capabilities for both clients and providers, allowing full integration of systems

Source a variety of housing types including hotels and homes

Self-service platform offers clients direct access to their providers. No middle administrative layer

  • Guarantees the lowest costs
  • Prevents bias and tampering
  • Provides fee transparency, no hidden fees
  • Eliminates human oversight and error

Easy to use for both clients and providers including the ability to clone both requests and options for very quick, easy information entry

Mobility Services Platform

Comparisons online are one of the most critical activities users perform on the web. In many cases, it’s a necessary step before consumers will buy a product, sign up for membership, contact or request a quote. Many companies are finding it useful to provide comparison tools for specific industries.

The Single Source Solution® is an online platform that connects companies with mobility and corporate housing providers to fulfill their temporary furnished housing, travel, rental assistance and destination service’s needs.

More Options. Less Time. Better Prices.

  • Receive options from multiple providers with a single request
  • No more manual requests to individual providers, resulting in less email volume and duplication of work
  • View consolidated options and easily identify the best solutions
  • Direct access to a larger provider network - fully vetted based on high service quality and standards
  • Receive consolidated reporting from supplier network
  • Gain better oversight over provider activity and performance
  • All providers are given an unbiased opportunity to bid on your business
  • Save significant time with faster automated processes minimizing human oversight and error
  • Automated, cost-effective, customizable, compatible, measurable, mobile-friendly, straightforward, unbiased

A Peek Inside the Single Source Solution®

Detailed Viewing Options

  • Housing options based on preferences
  • Multiple housing types can be included within the same requests
  • Google Map feature
  • Pin points on map to quickly identify distances between options and desired location
  • Feature also includes directions and commute routes and times
  • Sorting feature allows easy identification of best matched options

Option Details

  • Pricing can be provided daily, weekly, monthly, or annually
  • “Offer Details” uncovers apartment details typically missed with a manual process

Property Details

  • Property features are highlighted in both a description and detailed list
  • Photos are presented in a slideshow format

City Details

  • City details provide resources on neighborhoods, nearby shopping, restaurants and things to do

Dashboard Features

  • Filterable by chosen date ranges
  • Totals showcased at the top of the page
  • Each chart has additional “pop up” data when hovering over the displayed information
  • Top Provider/Market/Team data including: spend, move-ins, and overall performance
  • Drop down menu (on the bottom of page) to generate additional downloadable reporting
  • Ability to copy/paste charts onto your own presentations

Retain the level of quality your transferees deserve!

Improve your Provider Options. Options can be edited midway to change your criteria, assuring an accurate bid for the work you actually need not the work you once projected.

Clear Provider Communications. Message providers directly within the system, archiving all conversations per reservation number.

Rental Assistance/Destination Services/Travel Capabilities

Single Source Solution® is the only platform where clients can request Rental Assistance options including property and area tours, airport services and travel options including flights, hotels, and rental cars.


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